Getting Your Digital Forensics Degree? Start Searching For The Best Job Opportunities In The Field


If you have are getting close to earning your digital forensics degree and only have a few weeks left of school before you walk down the aisle with that new degree, you should start thinking about the different kinds of job opportunities you will have access to. When pursuing such a degree, you likely already knew that you had an interest in the digital world and doing what you could to protect people.

6 February 2019

Is Your Computer Slow And Low On Space? Hire A Computer Repair Professional


When you build your own computer, you may learn enough about each part to understand what may be wrong when you begin to experience problems. But, you may have bought a prebuilt computer and are noticing that the system is running slow and you are running out of space. Although you could buy a new computer to fix these problems, you may feel more than comfortable with the performance of the system aside from these specific issues.

16 August 2018

Want Your Child To Pick Up A New Hobby? Why The Should Learn To Play Chess


If you're trying to find a good hobby for your child to get involved in, it's time to introduce them to the game of chess. Chess isn't your ordinary board game. It's a game that requires thought and concentration. While your child is playing chess, they'll also be learning valuable lessons that they'll carry with them throughout their life. Here are just four of the reasons why your child should learn to play chess.

8 May 2018

Figuring Out If You Need A Level-1 Merchant PCI Assessment


If your business has never gotten a PCI assessment, it is important to fully understand what they are and what they require. Essentially, they are an audit that makes sure you follow the protocols set down by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These protocols are designed to ensure that the personal information of cardholders and buyers is protected. A level-1 merchant assessment is a process that only higher-quality merchants need to perform.

6 March 2018

What Matters When Choosing Internet For Streaming?


What do you do on the internet? Better question: what do you care about doing on the internet? There are a lot of different tasks, such as browsing the web and checking email, but what if all you care about is making sure the latest season of Stranger Things or exclusive content on Amazon Prime makes it to your screen in one piece? To avoid choppy video delivery while keeping your spending in check, here are a few things to consider when choosing internet service to support your online video streaming:

13 December 2017

Necessary IT Department Roles


Are you starting a new business that needs computer support? Do you need to modernize your business but have no idea what to hire outside of a "computer expert" or "programmer?" There are a lot of specializations, but even specialists may be skilled enough at different parts of Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS) to be an expert for your business. Instead of aiming too high and bringing an engineer in to fix a computer or aiming too low by giving a help desk novice control of an entire network, here are a few roles to consider for businesses that are new to the tech industry.

3 November 2017

Understanding The Top Business Telephone System Options


When setting up an office, one important aspect is implementing a business telephone system. Even in this digital age, it is still essential for customers and clients to be able to get in touch with a company via phone when needed. As you're considering your business telephone options, you will have several choices, including: Traditional Landline System As a company, you may elect to have a traditional landline system installed. These systems rely on the technology that has been around for many years and are typically operated by a local or regional phone company.

19 September 2017

The Responsibilities Of Your Staff Throughout The Data Migration Process


If a data migration process is not a success, you may find that your company is suddenly not able to function properly. Those who need data are simply not provided with it. This could prevent your company from operating efficiently or from serving the customers.  Know Who Will Use The Data When initiating a data migration process, one of the largest mistakes is that those carrying out data migration will not take into consideration the end users who will utilize the data.

20 August 2017

Why You Need A Business Phone System


When a business does well, it usually leads to more customers calling in with inquiries or to place orders. It is important for your employees to provide high-quality service when customers call in, as poor service can ruin your business reputation. If your current phone rings off the hook and is becoming difficult to manage, it might be time to invest in opening a small call center. You will need to upgrade the type of phones that are being used, such as by upgrading to a business phone system that offers numerous useful features.

26 July 2017

Own A Small Business? Why You Should Utilize Client Satisfaction Software


If you're a small business owner, you likely understand that the key to growing your enterprise is gaining a larger clientele.  You need your customers to regularly patronize your business so that you can use the profits you gain to expand and enter new markets.  However, a large part of maintaining your customers has to do with their level of satisfaction with your products or services.  You need to know how your patrons feel so that you can make the necessary adjustments; however, you might not know how to go about getting their opinion.

9 July 2017